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Dearest Picker Chicks,

"It has been said, of all Pickers dead or alive, a Picking woman is the most canine. If that should be true, then these Pickers would like to show you their teeth. Our names are Lady Pickers. If you do not know us, rest assured, you shall ..."

This author finds herself compelled to share the most exciting of news. The ton are abuzz with the latest wedding season, and so It was with great delight we announced our diamond of the season, our Summer Picker Bash '22.

It was our honor to impart to you: Stockroom Picks returned with our 4th semi-annual Picker Bash Open House. Creating a breathtaking affair, even her majesty would entertain, the Lady Pickers opened their warehouse for an evening of wedding "shopping" for this most delightful occasion.


Summer PICKER BASH fulfilled all of our vibiest bridgerton feels, with a Picker twist! You know we always love to serve the best experience at our shindigs and incorporating some of our most favorite vendors was the best way to do that.

The one change in decor we had (which totally transformed our parking lot) was draping our perimeter. And let me tell you, I don't think a Picker Bash will exist in the future without the magic The Linen Shoppe brings in draping.

If you've been through the warehouse, you know we have a shopping problem (not sure it's a problem to us (; ), so this time around we extended the bash to our front lot and pulled out all of the romantic stops for a truly unique entrance. Refined By Thee came in clutch with her calligraphy welcome sign and our guests were greeted with THE best entrance treat ...Champagne!

An evening full of Picking isn't complete without good food, good entertainment and, of course, good drinks. Lets start with food; Jacks Catering. We cannot sing their praises enough. Not only is their food absolutely divine (their mac n' cheese ...IYKYK), they have to be one of the sweetest families. The kind of family you just click with straight out of the gate. That's big for this picking family. If you've been through the warehouse (or even just met us out), you know family is at our core and it's wildly refreshing to see other close-knit families also doing the dang thing! Let's talk entertainment; B L I S S. Y'all when we say the guys from Bliss are down for all of our crazy ideas WE AREN'T LYING! They always come through serving the best Bliss vibes, it's not a party if these guys aren't there. Good drinks - Am I riiiiight?! If there's one thing that always fits with our picking ways, it's Tap Truck. I mean, vintage digs mixed with vintage cars ...mixed with boos. No brainer. Todd and Tim have that same wild fire for collaborating and making things happen that we do. Plus, they are all around some of the most down to earth people you will ever meet ...& they like pretty much always have alcohol with them. So, like, fast friends. Because, duh!

To sum it up, ALL of these vendors that helped us kick this damn thing out of the park are literal GOLD. We'd do anything for them.

We could write an actual novel on this girl right here, Giovanna with Olive and Grace. Sometimes you just meet people that are literally put in your path to stay - she's one of them. While we met professionally, she's become family. Anyone who willingly offers to sacrifice their Saturday night to help us out, while pregnant in insane heat, deserves a metal.

There's no shortage of thank you's to go around. Rochelle with the Social Spree dropped her Saturday morning to come hang and help us with all the tasks. Ivory Rose Creative always creates the absolute best signage - her creativity is amazing! And a hug thank you to C'anna Rix photography for always capturing our events so perfectly.

While I've always though the saying "it take a village" was only for moms, being a business owner has taught me that it too take a village - a really REALLY big one. One that not only hinges on some pretty amazing vendor/friend relationships made through the years, but also our incredibly hardworking staff. They work tirelessly during wedding season, but also never complain about our outside projects. We couldn't bring you these pretty Picks without them.

AND these open houses wouldn't be what they are without YOU. Your turn out, time and time again, has been SO humbling and so encouraging. When we had this wild idea in December 2020, it was really unnerving. There was so much uncertainty after a year none of us had ever witnessed. We didn't know if anyone would actually show up. We were just thrilled to see 10 RSVP's on our first event (yet we had much, much more) to be on our 4th bash with 250+ RSVP's ...let's just say it really gets our juices flowing. Mark your calendars for our next Picker Bash on January 7, 2023!

For the more observant of our readers who enjoy the finer details of an impending nuptial, our hope is that these festivities will give the Ladies' guests, as well as this author, something to buzz about for days to come.

Yours truly,

Lady Pickers


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