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Bouquet Breakdown: Hand Tied Bouquet Styles

As a bride, your bouquet is one of the most important accessories for your wedding day. One of the biggest questions we get asked is what style works best for me? Since engagement season is upon us, we've compiled a list of our most popular bouquet styles to help guide you through your bouquet design process. Happy picking!

Floral Focused

This style of bouquet is heavier on the blooms with minimal soft textures and foliage. This design gives off the perfect romantic vibe and photographs so well. Typically, brides who choose this style love large, lush or fluffy blooms, such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas and ranunculus. Lush and floral focused bouquets do well in an oval shape, which allows the blooms to spread out and each have their own moment. Stems are typically kept short to allow the bride to hold the bouquet close against her body and show off the top of the bouquet.

Matlyn May Photography

Emily and Steven Photography

Toni G Photography

Toni G Photography

Jillian Christine Photography

Textural + Organic

This design is similar to the floral focused, however it incorporates texture to break up the softness of the blooms. Think of a lush wildflower patch mixed in with some wild grasses... that's what we envision, anyway. We think this style works well in a round or oval shape to allow everything to move naturally. Typically, brides who choose this style love the mixture of large and fluffy blooms, such as roses and peonies, mixed in with textures like thistle, millet and blushing bride protea. Stems are kept shorter to allow the bride to hold the bouquet against her body to show off the majority of the flowers. For this style, the contrast between lush and texture gives depth and dimension to the bouquet.

David Orozco Photography

Maaks Makes Photo

Nikki Ryan Photography


Wildflower, or pageant, bouquets are a timeless dreamy design. These bouquets tend to be longer in their design and shape and, when done larger, fit well in the crook of a bride's arm. Brides who choose this style tend to like an effortless, "just gathered" vibe. Wildflower bouquets incorporate stalkier blooms, like stock, delphinium, snapdragon and various grasses and foliage, but don't be afraid to mix it up! This style of bouquet photographs well in portrait allowing the length of the stems and dimension of the bouquet to be fully appreciated.

Monique Guzman Photography

Jordan Voth Photography

Erica Houck Photography

C'anna Rix Photography

Textural Free-Form

The name of this bouquet says it all - it's wild and free. The relaxed and organic feel of this bouquet welcomes any type of bloom and foliage, but maintains a focus on texture and lack of shape. Brides who typically choose this style tend to gravitate toward things that are a little funky and aren't afraid to be pleasantly surprised by their bouquet on their wedding day. Blooms like dahlias, lisianthus and roses add a softness when paired with textures like thistle, nigella or even cactus.

Ellie Koleen Photography

C'anna Rix Photography

C'anna Rix Photography

Simply Smith Photography


Cascading bouquets are seriously timeless, but they're not your mother's cascading bouquet from the 80's! Typically, bride's who choose this style are drawn to a dreamy and somewhat more traditional vibe. In our hand-tied method, this style is typically designed with longer, naturally draping foliage and purposefully placed blooms. Stems are kept short to be held close to the body to allow each and every bloom to have the full attention it deserves. This style does well with sleek blooms, like calla lilies, lush and fluffy blooms, like roses, or with a mixture of drapey greens and airy filler flowers.

Carrie Rogers Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

Big A** Bouquet

Is there really any other way to put it? Oversized bouquets are stunners comprised of so many elements - the sky is literally the limit with this design. Fill it with lush and fluffy roses and peonies or let the texture and foliage run wild. These bouquets pair well with any wedding style, but they can be overpowering to the prettiest of dresses and details. Keep in mind, they're also heavy AF!

Megan Helm Photography

Oh Lovely Photography

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