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The essentials for the raddest Halloween extravaganza: Balloons galore, killer rentals, yummy florals and hanging installs & candy charcuterie - where was this all when I was a kiddo?! And name a more fun way to celebrate the boy in the group then by making it all about him? After all, all his witches love him (que Teach Me How To Dougie, in edited version of course)! The 2000's tween in me is drooling over this one.

These kiddos partied in style - sugar rush and all! What better color pallet is there when you want spooky, but also want to keep it funky fresh at the same time. Throwing a little pink in never hurt anyone. We truly wanted to focus on the tablescape with kids in mind and I think we nailed the meshing of chic with a bit of spooky. A candy charcuterie was a no brainer and this one knocked it out of the park!

As if the table it self didn't make a statement we had so much creating our "graveyard" dessert station. Who doesn't love a good sugar fix after consuming candy?! Scroll down to see all of the best details for throwing your littles ones (or yourself) a killer Halloween extravaganza!

These place cards were THE cutest addition. They were acrylic "shaker" filled with glitter!