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BACH IN THE SADDLE - Bachelorette Party

If your bachelorette party doesn't involve you indulging in all you can eat BBQ, the pinkest lounge and baddest bar setup, you certainly aren't ready to be walking down the aisle just yet. The dreamiest Dolly Parton party meets western-chic in this "Bach In The Saddle" styled bachelorette party, had the perfect mix of BBQ, disco, pink & western cowgirl all wrapped into the booziest evening. Our specialty rental & floral designs teamed up with Gio of Olive & Grace to create this killer vibe & capture the trendiest bride tribe this side of Dolly World.

Recipe for the best Bach ever?!:

- Bounce house (DUH!)

- Balloons - never enough!

- Punchy floral designs (abso-freaking-lutely!)

- Photobooth

- Bangin' bar setup - hello sparkly DIY

- Custom marquee letters

- A lounge fit for Dolly herself

- Dinner, dranks & (most importantly) desserts!

Mixing all of those together on the swankiest pool deck in Central California, you cannot go wrong!

A killer table setup doesn't get any better than this.

Don't skimp on the desserts! Just don't.

As if the whole pool party bachelorette isn't an entire vibe on it's own - a photo booth & punchy backdrop is absolute MUST.